keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

Happy B-Day Dongho! ♥

Heyya, tämä on se ajastettu postaus. 

Hello, this is the timed posting.  29.6.


Sweet 18 in Korea, sweet 17 in other countries :D

I made this for you baby  


Xoxo, Siri ♥

tiistai 21. kesäkuuta 2011

I'm in heaven~ U-Kiss cd's from!! :)

Helloo my bradah like Rickey always says. I got my package from YesAsia today!! Loving all the cd's and there actually came photobooks too! So, let's get into the thing:

Bran New Kiss

Forever First Kiss 

Bran New Kiss inside~ 

I'm totally in love with all of these! I recommend them for everyone! :)
And I also ordered copies of 2NE1's Dara's earrings :

(I don't own the pictures)

So, I recommend everything I ordered!! Thank you so much YesAsia! :)

I'm going to my cottage tomorrow and I'm going to stay there over one week, I'm back in town 4.7. So I can't post at that time because we don't have internet there. But there's coming one timed posting the 29th day, look forward for that! :)


Xoxo, Siri♥

lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2011

Nameday ^^

Yaay, hi guys! Is it called nameday in english, you know? It's my nameday after ten minutes, yaaay :)
I really haven't been doing anything special, just saw a pink Cadillac with the number 12, lol, that made my week :D
I have like two dolliepics, cause one day when I was going to take some pics of Megumi, it started to rain just when I got outside, lol. I'm waiting for my packet from YesAsia, my U-Kiss goodies~

Sorry, kinda lame post :) 


            Xoxo, Siri ♥

perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011

U-Kiss rocked the show!! ♥ +some dolliepics!!

Heyaaa, I'm crying because of happiness. I just watched U-Kiss performing '0330' ONLINE, the best seconds of my life, I'm not lying! Really, that was the biggest dream I have reached so far, seeing U-Kiss online through the computa! ♥ 
Yes, so the link to the show is here, but remember it's ONLINE:!streams/vstc8=twitter 
But, I have been taking some dollypics, so you would not drown in my U-Kiss-stuff in my blog :D Sorry, but they have just became a HUGE part of my life, sooo, can't live without them 

And some gifts from Tallinn:

Yay, feeling so happy now after U-Kiss performed, it gave me strength!   ♥

Sori, teki mieli kirjottaa enkuks...


  Xoxo, Siri ♥

maanantai 6. kesäkuuta 2011

Orders from YesStyle! ♥

Moi, tällä kertaa ei ole tulossa mitään nukkejuttuja. Eilen illalla menin nukkumaan kahdeltatoista ja oli aikomus nukkua yhteen ja herätä katsomaan Movie Awardseja. No, menin sitten nukkumaan mutta en saanut unta joten nousin ylös ja menin jo valmiiksi TV'n ääreen. No, se alkokin sittenkin neljältä, joten otin sen nauhalle ja menin nukkumaan. Heräsin kymmentä vaille kahdeksan ovikelloon. Pihalla oli itellan pakettiauto. Hyppäsin ylös sängystä ja juoksin pyjamassa avaamaan. Siinä seisoi nuori mies pakettini kanssa. Allekirjoitin ja avasi sen. Hyvää palvelua kun tulee ovelle asti! :)
Niin, en ollutkaan kertonut että tilasin vähän juttuja nimpparilahjaksi >:D Mutta siis, YesStyle'n tilaus tuli tänään ja YesAsia'n tilauksen pitäisi tulla viimeistään viidestoista päivä.
Mutta, paketin sisältöä:

Short translate:
My order from YesStyle came this morning. So the stuff I 

<-Geri jeans-top, it fits me and I think it's very comftorable, 5/5 points :)

<-(I don't remember the name...) But, yes, a lovely pink bag, it's perfect, 5/5 points :)

^^Somekind of strawhat? :D It was flat in the package so it may look a little weird when it's not formed yet, but it looks cute on your head! ♥
Points : 5/5 :) 

I recommend YesStyle for everyone! It comes fast and the shippingfees are not that much!

^^I lvoe Khulan, check her out on youtube and twitter!  

          Xoxo, Siri♥

lauantai 4. kesäkuuta 2011

Holiday finally!~

Yes, so it's finally holiday and I really need it! I have a few dollypics to share, and now again,                  HAPPY B-DAY AJ!♥

Tried this decora-style to Fumiko :3

Haha, that's for now!

Sori, suomalaiset lukijat, olin enkku-tuuleella ;P

                                          ^^My Kevin ♥
Xoxo, Siri ♥

Happy B-Day AJ! ♥

                  ♥Happy B-Day AJ!!♥

                     Kyllä, tänään on U-Kiss'in AJ'n synttärit! ♥ 

                   Yes, it's AJ's (from U-Kiss) birthday today! ♥ 

I made that "Internet-card" for him! ^^

                  Xoxo, Siri ♥