tiistai 30. elokuuta 2011

100th post + First part of London Trip!!!!

Wooooo!!!!!!!! Guess who's back! I've been in Finland for a very long time now, but you know, I have just been waiting and preparing for U-Kiss comeback, so I didn't have time for blogging.
So, this is the 100th post of Siri's World! And my secret trip was to London! I was there the 8th of August to the 16th of August :)
So, this is the first part of my London trip! I hope you guys like and comment! :D

At the airport, just waiting ~

In the airplane listening to Genie...

View from our hotel-room! Big Ben, London Eye and Thames :D
Sorry, u can't see them so clearly on this picture. Megumi with kawaii panda cookie :3

I went to have a small shoot with Megumi near our hotel:





London Eye ~


Tower Bridge =)

Skittles, Siri's best friends <3
 I ate about 5 bags of skittles in London and bought 2 bags with me to Finland, but I already ate them >.<

At this point, Fumiko's arm broke, so I need to buy an obitsu. In the next London post there should be some more pics of  Fumiko(?) before her arm broke.

Megumi in a double decker :)

In London Eye! It was awesome! I think it was about 20-30 minutes ride? :D
You could see the beautiful London and it was just sooo beautiful! :D


That was for now! People, if you comment to this post, the second part of London will come very soon!
If you don't comment, it can take a while cause I'm feeling lazy everyday...

U-Kiss comeback!!!




Xoxo, Siri ♥

maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

Announcement! I'm leaving + new nails !! ^^

Hello! I'm leaving to the airport soon! Guess where I'm going! I'm not telling you, first when I get back from there on the 17th of August. I also made new nails yesterday:

Not perfect, I was just trying :D

Soo, going to the airport after one hour, byye! I will take my dolls with me to the secret destination!


Xoxo, Siri ♥

lauantai 6. elokuuta 2011

Estonian ice cream review!

Hello! This time, no doll  pics. Ice cream review!! YAAAAYY, I looooove to eat ice cream, yummy!
Soo, that's why I wanted to make a review about ESTONIAN ice creams:

The package looked so good, but it's actually quite small :D
It had these m&m candies in it. It was actually very good, but it could be bigger :D
I  give it 4/5.

Mr.BIG, was absoloutely BIG!
It was yummy, but I couldn't really taste the m&m's candies in this, cause they were crashed.
I give it 4/5.

This was sooo goood! Untill we all had it on our clothes. This really melted so easily, and we had chocolate everywhere. But it was anyways very good :D
I give this one 4/5 too :)

This had like just a little nougat inside, but you couldn't really taste it.
I give this one 4/5 too.

So, every single one got 4/5. Estonian ice creams really are very good! (And cheap!)
That was really all for now, new post tomorrow! :)

I love this cover!! They're so young, but so talented! :)

Xoxo, Siri ♥

perjantai 5. elokuuta 2011

Doll meetup vol.2!

Soo, I was in a doll meetup exactly one month ago. Maybe this post is a little late?
Well, better late than never(say never to late). LOL
I had Fumiko with me, and the theme was pyjama.

And BTW, Happy b-day my lovely cousin today!!! <3 :)





There was lots of more pics, but...well normal Siri: LAZYYYYYY.....

It was very nice in the meeting, met some new people! :)

Lovely cover! And she looks just like SNSD's Sunny! :)

Xoxo, Siri ♥

keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2011

Orders from YesAsia vol.2 !!

Yaaay! I thought the packet was coming first next week. But, yeah, I ordered some stuff from YesAsia once again. Let's go straight to the stuff I got:

SNSD - Into The New World 2-cd.
I haven't listen to the songs yet, but I have been listening to them via the internet.
Cute photobook inside!

Tae yeon bracelet.
Well, what can I say? :D
A cute lock- bracelet :)

Tae yeon earrings.
(Sorry for the bad picture)
I love them! A light and a star :)

When you bought 3 SNSD-products you got this free postcard.
Love it!  :)

Real School soundtrack - U-Kiss.
Well, of course I've heard all the songs via the internet.
Soo cute photobook inside, with some Dongho and Kiseop pics <33

Super Junior - The Fourth Album - Bonamana
To be honest, I bought this cause it was cheap >.<
But, I have heard the "Bonamana" -song and I'm getting to know Supre Junior better.

   G-Dragon style earring.
I looove it! And it fits my ear pretty good :D
Doesn't  maybe fit my style, cause I'm always wearing something pink and girly,
 but maybe I find something what to wear with this :D

And I got these two magazines too, so lots of post for me today! :D
Gotta read them before I fall asleep :D

Soo, that was everything for today.

My fave song 0330 but Japanese version. I always sing along the Korean version, so it's so weird when the words are so different in this Japanese version :D

   Xoxo, Siri ♥

tiistai 2. elokuuta 2011

New look~

Picturetime! So, some pictures now :) As I told you in my last entry Megumi's look have changed. You can see her look have changed in the end, not in the first pics. Hope you enjoy! :)

In the train~




<--- That way :) 

Tattadadaa! Megumi's new look :)
What do you guys think? Comment and please tell me! :)




Group picture! 

I have been listening to this song alot these days... :


Xoxo, Siri ♥