perjantai 10. kesäkuuta 2011

U-Kiss rocked the show!! ♥ +some dolliepics!!

Heyaaa, I'm crying because of happiness. I just watched U-Kiss performing '0330' ONLINE, the best seconds of my life, I'm not lying! Really, that was the biggest dream I have reached so far, seeing U-Kiss online through the computa! ♥ 
Yes, so the link to the show is here, but remember it's ONLINE:!streams/vstc8=twitter 
But, I have been taking some dollypics, so you would not drown in my U-Kiss-stuff in my blog :D Sorry, but they have just became a HUGE part of my life, sooo, can't live without them 

And some gifts from Tallinn:

Yay, feeling so happy now after U-Kiss performed, it gave me strength!   ♥

Sori, teki mieli kirjottaa enkuks...


  Xoxo, Siri ♥

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