sunnuntai 10. heinäkuuta 2011

Cotton! Part 1/3 :)

Hi guys! Yup, I know, it have been A WHILE. But, here I am, stronger than ever, *muahahhahaa*!! :D
So, I had a great time at my cottage with my cousin and other family members. This post is just going to be some random stuff, the other two parts are gonna be dollpics. But, I don't really have anything special to, PICTURES:

Lizard named Irma. Not my idea to name her Irma!! :''D

I ate ramen for the first time!! With Kimchi flavor, it was sooo delicious!! <3 :)

I really don't have anything else for this post. This was just a provement that I'm alive.
But I have some music for you guys:



Haha, I think the scenes where the girls are wearing white clothes in "Echo" and "Hug Me Once" are so similiar! :D

XoXo, Siri ♥

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