perjantai 18. marraskuuta 2011


Tell me, should I be happy or sad?  SAD!!! Well, it all started when I came home, I was like suderduper excited for the preview of U-Kiss - Tick Tack. Well, I watched it and loved it.
But as I logged into twitter, the only thing I could see on my homepage was people trending #ComeBackAJ. I was like: Really? Did he leave U-Kiss to study? But no, he left twitter w/o any goodbyes!
Maybe he accidently delted it? Nobody knows yet. But GOOOOOOOOSH, I'M SAD AND ANGRY!
Like, I'm not angry to AJ....I'm just depressed...:(
But anyways, while waiting for the answer to that mystery, people, listen to this:


Bye ;(

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