torstai 1. joulukuuta 2011

Maroon5 rocked Finland!! ♥

Yesterday...Yup, Maroon5 came to Finland, yaaay!
I was at their gig, it was freakin' awesome! :)
Adam was so...charismatic! His jumping on the stage was just so energetic! I got some pictures and videos, but just made a collab of two pictures of Adam:

Pictures copyright © Siri

As espected, they started with "Moves Like Jagger". I thought Christina's part was coming as playback, but Adam actually sang her part! He was so good! 
There came some lovely songs randomly, but when "This Love" came people just went crazy, everybody was shouting and singing the lyrics. It was the real highlight! 
When they had played for a bit over 1 hour they went off the stage and said byes but everybody just kept screaming and clapping for the encore. 
They came back and played "Hands All Over" ♥ 
I really got in panic cause I thought it was the last song, and they hadn't played "She Will Be Loved" yet!
Well, ofc, they played "She Will Be Loved" then :) 
At the end of the song Adam parted the audience in two groups and the other group was singing "She will be loved" and the other "I don't mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain". I was at the second group, and then we both groups sang at the same time :D
At the end, I was veeery near the stage and waved to them and I think it was Micky who showed peace then to us who were waving :D 
It was just a wonderful night!! Never gonna forget it :) ♥

("Stutter" performed at the VEVO Carnival) ^^ At the Finland's gig he did the exactly same move at  1:22-1:27 with his hand :D Just payed attention to it :'D


Xoxo, Siri ♥

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