keskiviikko 3. elokuuta 2011

Orders from YesAsia vol.2 !!

Yaaay! I thought the packet was coming first next week. But, yeah, I ordered some stuff from YesAsia once again. Let's go straight to the stuff I got:

SNSD - Into The New World 2-cd.
I haven't listen to the songs yet, but I have been listening to them via the internet.
Cute photobook inside!

Tae yeon bracelet.
Well, what can I say? :D
A cute lock- bracelet :)

Tae yeon earrings.
(Sorry for the bad picture)
I love them! A light and a star :)

When you bought 3 SNSD-products you got this free postcard.
Love it!  :)

Real School soundtrack - U-Kiss.
Well, of course I've heard all the songs via the internet.
Soo cute photobook inside, with some Dongho and Kiseop pics <33

Super Junior - The Fourth Album - Bonamana
To be honest, I bought this cause it was cheap >.<
But, I have heard the "Bonamana" -song and I'm getting to know Supre Junior better.

   G-Dragon style earring.
I looove it! And it fits my ear pretty good :D
Doesn't  maybe fit my style, cause I'm always wearing something pink and girly,
 but maybe I find something what to wear with this :D

And I got these two magazines too, so lots of post for me today! :D
Gotta read them before I fall asleep :D

Soo, that was everything for today.

My fave song 0330 but Japanese version. I always sing along the Korean version, so it's so weird when the words are so different in this Japanese version :D

   Xoxo, Siri ♥

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